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underwater, underground
and surface investigation


This is an invitation to discover our newest applications and methods, which will contribute to the better planning and development of your engineering projects and will support your scientific research either for archeological sites or for environmental protection.

Alexandru Tanasie
Brantax CEO

Company and professionalism

The geological structure and the pshysical-mechanical characteristics of the underground play an important role in designing buildings. Using direct methods such as open digging, drilling, sampling for laboratory tests, etc. and indirect geophysical methods, these characteristics can be determined with high precision. This method helps in making resistance and econom

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Topographic measurements

Topography is a branch of geodesy which deals with the measurement technique of a portion of Earth's...

Geophysical prospection

Geophysical prospecting, by using dedicated methods and equipment, develop a series of applications...

Aerial photography

Aerial photography provides useful insights into the development of projects from the design stage, ...
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Resistivity Imaging Survey

We have put together a short clip with one of our electrical resistivity surveys – ERT. The locati...

RoEnergy South-East Europe Bucharest 2013 |

Participation in the International Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Buildings, RoE...

Scanning buried utilities |

Geophysical scanning through electromagnetic methods in time domain for the detection of buried meta...
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